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Strip steel production line 价格:

Since foundation, SME Group has handled more than 110 metallurgical engineering projects, the majority of which are steel rolling projects. SME Group has a group of skilled technical engineers with rich experience in strip steel production line, and can provide mature and scientific turnkey solutions on strip steel production line.


SME Group offers a comprehensive range of strip production line design and equipment services. Our technical team specializes in customizing efficient and reliable strip steel production line solutions for our customers, covering the entire process from raw material handling to finished product production. Our professional team will provide the best production line design according to the needs and requirements of customers, and provide advanced equipment and technical support. We are committed to providing our customers with best-in-class solutions to help them achieve productivity and cost optimization. 

A steel strip production line is a production line that specially produces steel strips or sheets. The production process typically involves several stages, including melting and refining of raw materials, continuous casting of molten steel into slabs or billets, hot rolling of the steel into thin strips or sheets, and further processing such as pickling, annealing, and coating. The production line is equipped with various machinery and equipment, including furnaces, rolling mills, cooling beds, and finishing lines. The finished steel strips can be used in a wide range of applications, including automotive manufacturing, construction, appliances, and packaging.

Strip steel refers to thin, narrow, and long steel plate. Its width is generally 20mm-200mm. Strip steel is usually supplied in rolls and its specifications are expressed as thickness x width. According to the quality of steel, it is divided into high quality and ordinary strip steel; According to the rolling method is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling strip. The thickness of hot-rolled ordinary strip steel is 2mm - 6mm, and cold-rolled strip steel is generally 0.05mm - 3.60mm.

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