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Shanghai Metallurgy Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as SME Group), established in 2001, has been committed to providing metallurgical equipment manufacturing, metallurgical engineering general contracting, metallurgical complete sets of equipment and spare parts export, overseas metallurgical engineering project investment and management, mechanical and electrical product design and manufacturing services, etc. In the smelting, rolling and other fields in the world's leading position, the customer's praise.

SME Group's services cover a wide range of iron making, steel making, steel rolling, continuous casting, pipe production, hot and cold rolled strip finishing equipment as well as the design and supply of electrical automation equipment, spare parts export and project follow-up production management. In addition to providing customers with high-quality products and equipment, but also stand on the customer's point of view, for a variety of novice customers to provide thoughtful early consulting services. In the later stage of the guarantee, customers in the late stage of the project any concerns can be timely and unobstructed communication.

Compared with other companies in the same industry, the advantages of SME Group are outstanding, which is reflected in: we have a group of experienced and skilled metallurgical experts team, with complete sets of metallurgical equipment supply and engineering contracting capacity.

During the period of SME Group management, our team has undertaken and participated in more than 110 domestic and foreign iron and steel enterprises blast furnace, converter, electric furnace, continuous casting, cold/hot continuous rolling, medium plate factory, steel mill, bar and wire rod factory, plate and pipe post-treatment lines and other metallurgical construction projects, the global scope of the construction and management of steel production line projects throughout Central Asia, Africa, North America, South America and other countries.

After several years of wind and rain, SME Group has accumulated rich experience in industry operation and management, and constantly explore the way forward, while growing its own strength, it does not work behind closed doors, but conforms to the progress of science and technology and the development trend of the steel industry, learning and accumulating advanced knowledge and skills in the steel industry, relying on its own experience and advantages. To provide customers with customized personalized process and equipment solutions, with excellent service by the customer's praise and support. So far, the SME Group has established comprehensive advantages in the field of metallurgical engineering general contracting, aiming to become an influential engineering technology company in the field of metallurgical engineering.

Cultural concept

Since its foundation, SME Group has been adhering to the core cultural concept of "Sincerity creates value", respecting customers and understanding customers. Our team gradually understands customer needs through the communication with customers, and sincerely providing products and services that meet customer needs.
According to the particularity of customers all over the world, our project design adheres to the strategy of "adapting to local conditions and varying from person to person", combined with the needs of customers and the conditions of the project itself, and we always strive to ensure that each project can deliver a satisfactory answer.

Our Vision

Our business has extended throughout many countries in middle Asia, Africa, South & north America, etc.
In the near future, we are going to accelerate our step to enter more markets, bringing China’s prevailing iron& steel technology to more regions in the world.

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