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Section steel production line 价格:

Since foundation, SME Group has handled more than 110 metallurgical engineering projects, the majority of which are steel rolling projects. With rich expertise in steel rolling production line, SME Group is capable to supply professional turnkey solutions on section steel production line.


SME Group specializes in providing comprehensive design and equipment supply services for steel production lines. We are dedicated to delivering customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients, covering the entire production process from raw material processing to the manufacturing of finished products. Our team of experts is committed to offering top-notch design solutions and providing advanced equipment and technical support. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to help our clients enhance production efficiency and optimize costs through our innovative solutions.

A section steel production line is a production line used to produce various types and specifications of section products. This production line typically includes processes such as raw material handling, pre-treatment, forming, cooling, cutting, and packaging. Section steel products are widely used in building structures, bridges, and mechanical manufacturing. Common types of steel include H-beams, I-beams, angle steel, and channel steel. These products play an important role in the construction and engineering industries.

The process flow of the section steel production line usually includes the steps of raw material preparation, melting, casting, forming, cooling, shaping and quality inspection. First, raw materials such as iron ore and other alloy materials are prepared and mixed. The mixture is then heated and melted before being poured into a mold for casting. After the cast steel is cooled, it is reshaped to achieve the required specifications and dimensions. Finally, the section steel is subjected to a strict quality inspection to ensure compliance with the standard. The whole process requires strict control of parameters such as temperature, pressure and speed to ensure that the quality and performance of the section steel meet the requirements.

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