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Medium plate production line 价格:

SME Group supplies complete plate production line turnkey project service. Plate production line uses continuous casting billets for roughing, and finishing after being heated. Finished section steel products in different dimensions would be bundled into storage after sizing. The plate steel products include rimmed steel sheet, bridge steel plate, ship plate, boiler plate etc.


SME Group is good at providing comprehensive design and equipment supply services for steel plate production lines. Our team members are committed to delivering customized solutions meeting the specific needs of clients, covering the entire production process from raw material processing to the manufacturing of finished products.

A steel plate production line is a combination of equipment and machinery used to produce steel plates. This production line typically includes processes such as raw material processing, hot rolling, cold rolling, galvanizing, cutting, and packaging. The scale and technological process of the steel plate production line may vary depending on the manufacturer's needs and technological capabilities. The level of automation in steel plate production lines continues to increase to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Steel plates are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and other fields.

Steel plate production process: steel plate production is based on flat steel billet as raw material, flat steel billet is heated to 1200°C by heating furnace, and then rolled, cooled, levelled to shear (flame) cut into finished products.

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