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Square billet continuous casting 价格:

Based on rich experience in continuous casting production line of SME Group, we can supply customizing square billet continuous casting solutions according to the different needs of customers from all around the world. We insist on providing solutions that meet the requirements of customers and making great efforts to help them enhance production efficiency and reduce investment cost.


The square billet is a billet produced by a continuous casting machine for processing profiles. In the continuous casting process, high-temperature molten steel is continuously poured into one or a group of water-cooled crystallizers, and the molten steel gradually solidifies into billet shells around the crystallizer. When the liquid steel level rises to a certain height and the billet solidifies to a certain thickness, the billet is pulled out by the straightener, and the billet is completely solidified by spraying water in the secondary cooling zone. According to the requirements of steel rolling, the billet is cut to a certain length with a cutting device.

The square billet continuous casting machine includes rectangular billet continuous casting machine. Usually, the casting billet with casting section or equivalent section area greater than 200×200mm is called bloom, the casting billet with section or equivalent section area less than 160×160mm is called billet, and the rectangular billet with width to thickness ratio greater than 3 is called slab.

Based on previous experience in square billet continuous casting production, SME Group will conbine the real needs of customers with the actual conditions of the project, offer practical and effective technical advice to customers and solve difficult questions in the project for customers.

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