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SME Group supplies technical services which fully cover the iron-smelting process. Besides iron smelting equipment, SME also provides the sintering machine, which is widely used by various metallurgical corporations for implementing sintering process on iron ore fines.


Sintering, which refers to the conversion of powdery materials into dense bodies, is a traditional process. People have long used this process to produce ceramics, powder metallurgy, refractory materials, ultra-high temperature materials and so on. In the metallurgical process, it usually refers to the process of firing a series of physical and chemical changes in the material on the sintering equipment after mixing and pelleting a variety of powdered iron-containing raw materials, adding an appropriate amount of fuel and flux, and adding an appropriate amount of water before the blast furnace ironmaking production. In production, the belt type draft sintering machine is widely used to produce sinter. It mainly includes the preparation of sinter, batching and mixing, sintering and product treatment.

The sintering machine is used for the sintering operation of large ferrous metallurgy sintering plants, mainly for the sintering treatment of iron ore powder in large and medium-sized sintering plants.

It is the main equipment in the process of air extraction sintering, which can burn different components, different particle sizes of fine ore powder, rich ore powder into blocks, and partially eliminate the harmful impurities contained in the ore such as sulfur and phosphorus. The sintering machine is divided into several specifications of different lengths and widths according to the sintering area, and the user chooses according to its output or the site situation. The larger the sintering area, the higher the yield.

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