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Electric arc furnace 价格:

As an important equipment in steelmaking process, electric arc furnace is widely used in metallurgical industry. Since its inception, SME Group has successfully delivered more than 100 metallurgical projects, the majority of which are electric arc furnace steelmaking projects. The Group has a team skilled in steelmaking technology, with rich experience in steelmaking projects, can freely respond to various technical problems of customers, to provide customers with customized EAF steelmaking solutions.


SME Group masters the mature process of electric arc furnace steelmaking and specializes in providing customers with a full range of cost-effective smelting equipment, including electric arc furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, refining furnaces and continuous casting machines. SME Group provides customers with two types of electric arc furnaces, one is the top charging electric arc furnace, the other is the horizontal continuous charging electric arc furnace, also known as consteel electric arc furnace.

According to the specific needs of cast steel, customized equipment configuration for customers, such as AOD furnace, VOD furnace, LF furnace, etc. It can meet the needs of customers to produce ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel and other grades of steel.

Electric energy is used as heat source in EAF steelmaking, which avoids the pollution of steel caused by sulfur content in gas heat source. The operation process is flexible, and the slag and gas can be controlled to oxidize or reduce; Strong reducibility can make the precious elements contained in the charge chromium, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, titanium and so on rarely burn; High furnace temperature, easy to control; The product quality is high.

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