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Wire rod production line 价格:

With rich experience in construction and management of wire rod production line, SME Group adopts reheating furnace to heat the billets or direct hot charging process to the wire rod production line. The quality of wire rod production line provided by SME is convincing.


SME Group can independently supply comprehensive design and equipment supply services for complete wire rod production lines. Our technical team is dedicated to delivering customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to help our clients enhance production efficiency and optimize costs through our innovative solutions.

Wire rod rolling refers to the rolling technology of producing wire rod. Wire rod rolling is a complex deformation process, and its main equipment is wire rod rolling machine. 

Wire rod rolling mill is a mill specially used for rolling wire rod (i.e. wire). Wire rod is the product with the smallest section size in profiles, rolled from billet into finished products, the total extension coefficient is large, rolled pieces are often rolled once in each mill, so the wire mill is the hot rolled profiles in the largest number of racks, the most fine division of the mill. The continuous wire rolling mill is generally composed of 21 to 28 rolling mills, which are divided into rough rolling units, middle rolling units and finishing rolling units, and the middle rolling units are sometimes divided into one middle rolling and two middle rolling groups. The structure and layout of wire rolling mill has been developing towards the direction of high speed, continuous, torsion-free, single wire, combined structure, mechanization and automation.

Wire rod refers to the steel rolled into a tray after hot rolling by the wire mill, generally in the diameter of 5.5-14mm. Wire is mainly used in construction and drawing steel wire and its products. Due to the need of manufacturing standard parts, many cold drawing billets directly use wire rod. Wire rod has the advantages of less drawing head, stronger continuity and higher drawing efficiency than straight rod.

The common wire is mostly round section, and the special-shaped wire has oval, square and threaded shape, etc., but the production quantity is small.

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