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2023 Year Review: Reflection and summary


The year 2024 is coming unconsciously, and while welcoming the New Year, SME Group must not forget to reflect on and summarize the past 2023. The year 2023 will be the first year after the end of the epidemic and also the most critical year in the development of SME Group.

This year, SME Group met numerous new customers and gained a lot of cooperative partners. SME Group has always adhered to the core cultural concept of "sincerity creates value", respecting and understanding customers, and has always sincerely designed and provided project solutions that meet customer needs. Our sincere attitudes and services have won the recognition of many customers.

In the New Year, SME Group will work together to provide customers with professional and reliable services. The employees of the group will continue to improve their professional abilities under the leadership of the senior management, and actively play the subjective initiative to create more wealth for the company.

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